To create an account, users must click on the "Register" link. You should then fill in the spaces listed in the given form.

Customers may only create one account. Creating multiple accounts is prohibited.

Registration and account creation are free for each new customer.

First, make sure all symbols are filled in correctly. If the information is correct, please contact the project’s online customer service support.

If an adult, everyone can become a client of the service. Nationality, religious preference and social status do not affect registration.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 2USDT, and there is no maximum amount set.

The 1st of each month and the last day of each month are free withdrawal days, and no fees are charged. Provide 2 free withdrawal opportunities. During the rest of the time, a 20% fee will be charged for each withdrawal!

Yes, the minimum investment amount varies depending on the investment option you choose.

Withdrawals are made once per day. All payments will be approved and credited to your account within 48 hours at the latest.

10 USDT.

2 USDT / 50,000 USDT

Our platform supports USDT (TRC20, ERC20).

Level 1: 10% Level 2: 5% Level 3: 2%

Commission calculation rule: member profit * commission ratio

For example:
The member you invited is level 1,
Level 1 users earn $10,000 in profit per day Your commission is $1,000.
Members invited by Level 1 belong to Level 2 Level 2 users earn $10,000 in profit per day Your commission is $500.
Level 2 Invited Member Belongs to Level 3 Level 3 users earn $10,000 in profit per day Your commission is $200

AKA's partners receive round-the-clock support from our team.

The company AKA engages in cryptocurrency arbitrage using an arbitrage robot of its own design. We use different strategies to gain maximum profits.
At AKA, we offer our users the opportunity to generate passive income without taking on any risk or leaving home. All you need to do is register on our platform and invest in one of our robot rental programs. Our trading robot will then start trading automatically on your behalf.

You can earn profits every day.

The Direct Bonus Progression Chart is a chart where you can earn cash bonuses that increase as you progress. In the direct bonus table, the investment amount required to receive the cash bonus is calculated based on the investment amount of your first-level referrals. As the amount invested in your first-level referrals increases, so will the cash rewards you receive.

Yes, AKA is a legally registered offshore company headquartered in Australia.