About AKA

AKA is a platform designed for individuals seeking innovative and sustainable income in the cryptocurrency space. Designed to exploit arbitrage opportunities within the cryptocurrency space and enable a broad user base to take advantage of this potential. AKA’s technology infrastructure includes advanced artificial intelligence trading robots. These trading bots are programmed entirely for arbitrage and continuously monitor price differences between cryptocurrency exchanges to identify arbitrage opportunities. This strategic approach enables AKA to build a consistent and sustainable revenue model.

AKA's success relies heavily on its harmonious work team, each focused on their respective areas. The team consists of individuals with deep expertise in software development, financial analysis, and cryptocurrency markets. To achieve the platform's goals, each member adopts best practices and strategies within their specific field. We believe this vision will position AKA at the forefront of the industry as we continue to plan to expand technology innovation and strategic partnerships.

Step into a new and bright future with AKA

We have been working diligently for a long time to create significant value in the crypto space.

Our philosophy

Our core philosophy is built on transparency, user-centricity, and continuous learning. To earn and maintain the trust of our users, we adhere to principles of fair transactions, open communication, and continuous improvement.

Our Mission

At AKA, our aim is to provide our users with a sustainable and trustworthy income model within the cryptocurrency world. Utilizing our AI-powered trading bots, we evaluate continuously emerging arbitrage opportunities to create passive income opportunities for our users..

Our Vision

As a leading organization in the industry, we aspire to become a globally recognized brand by offering innovative and effective solutions in the cryptocurrency world. We will continuously pioneer technological innovations and industry developments to support our users' financial freedom and contribute value to the crypto ecosystem.

Our Goals

At AKA, we have set certain goals for ourselves

Short-term plans

  • - By making additions to our payment infrastructure, we aim to reach a minimum of 15 deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • - Enriching the affiliate program by adding new rewards.
  • - Launch of our mobile application on both IOS and Android.
  • - Adding a comprehensive bounty program to our website.

Mid-term plans

  • - Our trading bot integrates with new cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • - Develop AKA token and list it on decentralized exchanges.
  • - Holding the first major conference in Australia, inviting all our leaders.

Long-term plans

  • - Our trading bot is integrated with at least 20 global cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • - Open physical offices in Australia, UK, USA.
  • - AKA token is listed on one of the TOP-5 cryptocurrency exchanges.